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Snowy Owl Update No. 1

by Bryan on December 5th, 2011

The Snowy Owl invasion continues. After my initial Snowy Owl Alert, one Snowy turned up here in Vermont at Retreat Meadows in Brattleboro. It hasn’t been seen since December 2. (Keep searching!) A belated report comes from the Colchester Causeway, out on Lake Champlain, from November 24. It’s a good spot for Snowy Owl and worthy of continued investigation.

I’ve got an unconfirmed report of a Snowy at the Lane Press industrial park in South Burlington on Saturday. Meanwhile, I’ll be talking about Snowy Owls today during Vermont Public Radio’s Vermont Edition broadcast.

Paul Wieczoreck and I searched from the Burlington Waterfront to Charlotte Town Beach on Saturday. Ron Payne and Ian Worley searched the lowlands of the central Champlain Valley, roughly from Shoreham to Weybridge. None of us found Snowy Owls (but Paul did find a couple of counter-calling Great Horned Owls on the way home). Paul and I did enjoy a Barrow’s Goldeneye off Blodgett’s Beach in Burlington and a very late Least Sandpiper at Shelburne Bay. Ron and Ian tallied 21 Red-tailed Hawks, six Northern Harriers, one American Kestrel, and surprisingly no Rough-legged Hawks.

The good folks at eBird have chimed in on the Snowy Owls. Here’s an eBird map of owl sightings from the continent. (Your best bet is to click the box to the right that says “Show Points Sooner.”) Finally, Hilke Breder and Chris Petrak got photos of the Brattleboro Snowy Owl. (I’m jealous!)

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  1. John victor smith permalink

    I live in Quebec,.

    I have a nice picture of a Snowy Owl it seem he/she
    Come back to the area each year, if you would like to see


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