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Snowy Owl Update No. 2

by Bryan on December 7th, 2011

Like arctic ghosts, the Snowy Owls visiting Vermont have been ephemeral and elusive. A Snowy on the Colchester Causeway on November 24 escaped without additional observations. The Snowy first spotted in Brattleboro last week hasn’t been reported since December 2. And a Snowy Owl from Alburg on Monday was not relocated during searching Tuesday. We also have a promising report from the Lane Press area in South Burlington, although skilled birders searching on Tuesday found none. (Note to birders wandering there with binoculars: the Department of Homeland Security also has an office in the area). This just in (at 10:26am): See Alan Robertshaw’s comment below for a fresh report from Brattleboro. The image to the right is a link to an interactive map to Snowy Owl reports since October 1. When it comes up, enter your preferred location and then click on the “Show Points Sooner” box for a better view of Snowy Owl sites. Note that not all of these sightings have been confirmed in eBird.

In case you missed it, here’s my Vermont Public Radio interview on the Snowy situation. And here’s my initial Snowy Owl Alert about this winter’s invasion.

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  1. ashleigh permalink

    I saw a female snowy owl perched on a telephone wire on route 4, between Comstock and Fort Anne, NY this morning around 10:30am. Amazing! a really unique and beautiful bird.

  2. Alan Robertshaw permalink

    I saw a snowy owl on my way into Brattleboro from Vernon last night (6 December 2011) at about 4:10 pm.

    It was south of Brattleboro on Rt. 142 and the intersection of Cotton Mill Hill. The owl flew up and briefly landed on the guard rail and then flew back over the water toward the river. I immediately pulled over in a turn out and watched it for about a half minute or so. Wow! I’ve seen a few owls up close before but never a snowy owl. What an incredible bird! Alan R.

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