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A Winter Moth

by Bryan on December 15th, 2011

My Vermont Public Radio commentary on the physics and love life of a winter moth aired yesterday. But you can listen to me here on the blog or on the VPR web site. I’ve blogged here about this moth, Bruce Spanworm (Operophtera bruceata). You may still find a few. But a relative, Fall Cankerworm (Alsophila pometaria), should be still flying in southern New England and points south.

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  1. Thanks, Matt! That’s a wonderful story. Classic Ross Bell!

  2. Matt permalink

    Ha! I took a Fall zoology with Ross Bell at UVM and a major part of the course was to create a collection of invertebrates. He called these guys the “flunker moth”, because students who waited to long to start their collecting would inevitably try to pad there collections with these in the last days of the semester.

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