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Arizona Update No. 1

by Bryan on March 26th, 2012

Desert Greetings. Well, not exactly. Here’s a Black-necked Stilt from some delightful constructed wetlands (for municipal water reclamation) in Gilbert, Arizona. My Vermont Bird Tours group is on a Grand Canyon natural history trip. But before we head to the canyon, we stopped for a bit of desert birding east of Phoenix, including a visit to the famed Boyce Thompson¬†Arboretum, where we enjoyed Empress Leilia (Asterocampa leilia), in the photo beneath the stilt, not to mention a Common Black Hawk rising up and out of sight.

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One Comment
  1. Ann Day permalink

    Hi Bryan: Great pictures and sightings. It was 80″s for a week and this morning was 10 degrees and 30 to 40 mph winds!! Ahh spring.
    Did have a red-bellied wood pecker (male). He is still around.
    Looking forwar to seeing you when you are back in Vermont.

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