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Blooming Brilliant Bath Soak, CreamBlooming<br />
Brilliant Bath Soak, CreamPerfect to sow in your bath all year round. Simply scatter the powder into a running bath until it dissovles. A superb way to sooth your skin. Two packs of Bath SoakOur Price £6.00

Fizzing Bath Bulbs, Blue FloralFizzing<br />
Bath Bulbs, Blue FloralPlant one bulb in your bath when the water is still running, wait until it dissolves and climb in. A periannially good way of relaxing. Four fragranced Bath FizzersOur Price £6.00

Blooming Brilliant Weekend bag, Blue FloralBlooming<br />
Brilliant Weekend bag, Blue FloralWhen heading away on a country jaunt or weekend trip to the city, this Blooming Brilliant Bag will make sure cultivating cleanliness is easy. This kit contains ….. Hand Wash, Foaming Bath Soak, Body Wash, Hand Cream, Body Lotion and Body Scrub Beautifully Blossoming Body Wash Pick of the Patch Body Lotion Get Glowing Body Scrub How Handy Hand Cream Fantastically Flourishing Bath Soak Hand Wash Weekend tote bagOur Price £45.00

Hat Box Toiletries Gift Set, CreamHat Box<br />
Toiletries Gift Set, CreamTo be the best-in-show when you’re on the go there’s no better kit to pick. This kit contains Mini Body Wash, Mini Body Lotion, Mini Body Scrub and Mini Body Butter. Beautifully Blossoming Body Wash Pick of the Patch Body Lotion Get Glowing Body Scrub Cream of the Crop Body ButterOur Price £10.00

Women’s Hand Care Gift Set, CremeWomen's<br />
Hand Care Gift Set, CremeMake sure your green fingers don’t go to seed. Keep them in tip-top shape with this Hand Care Kit containing Hand Wash, Hand Lotion and Emery Boards. Hand Wash How Handy Hand Cream Pair of Cotton Gloves Emery Board Perfect Pruning Hand ScrubOur Price £16.00

Hardworking Hands Rescue Kit, Blue FloralHardworking Hands Rescue Kit, Blue FloralAfter a busy day planting a pottering, bring your hands back to life with this remarkable rescue kit. This kit contains Hand Cream, Hand Scrub and Moisture Gloves. Hand Wash Hand LotionOur Price £10.00

Pretty Picks Cosmetics Purse, CreamPretty<br />
Picks Cosmetics Purse, CreamPerfect for any grower on-the-go. This kit is just the thing to dig into after a fruitful day in the garden. This kit contains Hand Cream, Emery Boards, and three Lip Balms – Elderflower, Blackberry, Honey. How Handy Hand Cream Three Lip balms Four Nail Files Cosmetics bagOur Price £14.00

Cream of the Crop Skincare Kit, CreamCream of<br />
the Crop Skincare Kit, CreamNo matter whether you’ve been planting or just pottering, being out and about can cause dehydrated skin. Nip it in the bud with this Skincare Kit containing Body Scrub and Body Butter. Get Glowing Body Scrub Cream of the Crop Body ButterOur Price £14.00

Set of 6 Soaps, PinkSet of 6<br />
Soaps, PinkIf you’ve been planting and pruning all day long, what better way to tend to your hands and freshen up your fingers than with these soaps. Six fragranced SoapsOur Price £8.00

Women’s Toiletries Gift Box, PinkWomen's<br />
Toiletries Gift Box, PinkThe best way to ensure a colourful harvest of freshness is with this bountiful Essentials Kit. This kit contains Bath Soak, Body Lotion, Body Wash, Body Scrub, Lip Balm and Emery Board. Get Glowing Body Scrub Beautifully Blossoming Body Wash Pick of the Patch Body Lotion Fantastically Flourishing Bath Soak Lip Balm Cream of the Crop Body Butter FileFace ClothOur Price £20.00

Creating Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly gardens are featuring more and more in regular backyard gardens. Growing beautiful flowers to attract butterflies is an added bonus. Scroll down the page to see what I mean!

There are well over 100,000 species of butterfly in the world.

Human behaviour is affecting the quality of butterfly life and there are a number of species on the endangered list. A good enough reason to create butterfly gardens – an environment for butterflies to visit.

 Is it really possible?

The decision to create a butterfly garden shouldn’t be taken too lightly, however. There are a number of factors to be considered to make a success of any themed wildlife garden, butterfly gardens included.

-If you hope to attract butterflies to your garden, insect eating birds have to be discouraged. That means no nesting boxes, bird tables or even berry bushes nearby. If you’ve been growing fruit, your whole gardening system may have to be changed!

-Butterfly gardens can be created in windowboxes, back yards, suburban gardens or even greenhouses and conservatories. BUT the spot must be in as much sun as possible ( 5-6 hours a day ) and fairly well sheltered from the wind or cold air currents.

-Butterfly gardens need water. Create a ‘butterfly’ puddle by sinking a shallow bucket with a broad diameter in the soil. Fill the bucket with a mixture of soil and sand, and pour water over until the sand stops absorbing it. This will provide the butterflies with a nice watering place. Top up regularly with water. You may even manage to drown a few slugs – always a help with vegetable gardening
-There are two types of plants butterflies need. Nectar producing and larval food plants. If you provide larval food plants, you will undoubtedly attract more butterflies to your garden, BUT the baby caterpillars will polish off the greenery and you will need to replant regularly. Growing cabbages to eat may be a thing of the past!

-Create butterfly gardens in quiet positions – where humans are not forever passing by is ideal. A little shade is okay. Butterflies are cold-blooded creatures and can sometimes overdo their sunbathing. Shade is often welcome! Although shy of humans, butterflies will be happy to join you when you’re gardening.

-Choose your spot and analyse your soil if possible. Decide on nectar or larval food plants or both. Plan the layout of your plants, placing larval food plants in a more sheltered position and get planting! Growing beautiful flowers will be a pleasure even without the butterflies.

NB: On a more general note:Fill a warm sheltered spot with herbs, wild flowers and nectar-rich plants and the butterflies will love you!

 Which flowers do I plant?

Butterflies will obtain nectar from many flowers, usually single petal types. Each species has a different shaped probiscus. This dictates which plants they can extract nectar from. Growing the right flowers is important for the butterfly population..

In general, sun loving brightly coloured flowers will attract all butterflies.

Special Offers From Bunches

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Yuletide Bouquet
Welcome in the season in style with the wonderful Yuletide bouquet!Was £34.99 Now £29.99
Vintage Christmas
Celebrate the holidays with this Vintage Christmas bouquet.Was £34.99 Now £29.99
Here’s some Christmas cheer from the Elves in Santa’s workshop! With gorgeous pretty winter berries, contrasting bright flowers and gold pine cone this is the perfect bouquet for your special Elf.Our Price £24.99
Winter Morning
Relax and take a moment to imagine waking up to a crisp and frosty morning, a beautiful mist covers the land and golden sunlight streams through the trees, wonderful, just like this gorgeous bouquet.Was £24.99 Now £19.99
Christmas Glamour
Glitter! Glitter! Glitter! Put some sparkle into your Christmas this year with this fabulous bouquet of scented lily and freesia, colourful Chrysanthemums , super silver foliage and did we mention the glitter already???Was £24.99 Now £19.99
Christmas Rose and Freesia
Wonderfully scented arching pure white Freesia blooms make a gorgeous festive contrast to lovely red roses and gold foliage. Remember to check for  a Bunches Discount at floristsecrets before you buy this bouquet!Was £24.99 Now £19.99
Merry Christmas
A merry mix of wonderful seasonal colours with fabulous gold sisal stars, the perfect gift to wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas!!Was £24.99 Now £19.99