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About This Blog

The Daily Wing is breaking news and comment about charismatic flying things — birds, butterflies and dragonflies. Each morning, (well, most mornings) I’ll post insights and images to help you discover and enjoy airborne wildlife in wild places. I’ll offer wisdom you won’t easily find elsewhere. (That’s my photo of a Kirtland’s Warbler over there; you don’t see those every day.)

One regular feature will be Monday Morning Birding Basics. I’ve been chasing birds for more than three decades. I’ve guided birdwatching trips across the continent. Monday Morning Birding Basics will offer advice you can’t find in field guides. I’ll cover optics, tricky IDs, birding hot spots, field technique and other good stuff. Then watch for other regular features on the blog. I’ll probably do a digital photography feature (you and your point-and-shoot). But send me suggestions.

So explore the blog. Better yet, explore a bog.  For now, you need not register or sign in to comment. Tell your neighbors. Bring the kids. Save the world. Send cash. Go outside!

- Bryan Pfeiffer